The future of cars (and motorcycles)

Everybody knows that we're gonna run out of oil sooner than later. With oil prices skyrocketing electric seems to way to go. With cars like the one below I believe things may turn for the better after all! By the end of this year, entrepreneur Steve Fambro plans to begin selling the Aptera. That means "wingless flight" in Greek, but don't think this car won't fly. It's a sleek two-seat, three-wheel electric vehicle with a top speed of 95 miles an hour. It comes in two versions - all-electric and hybrid - and should sell for around $30,000. (Only the electric is due in '08; the hybrid doesn't have a street date yet.) Made of a Space Age composite material, the hybrid gets 300 miles per gallon, while the electric can travel 120 miles or 193 kilometers on a two- to four-hour charge.
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Venture, which has raised $6 million, is developing the VentureOne, a two-passenger, three-wheel commuter car that tilts like a motorcycle when you drive it. This car/motorcycle will get 193 kms from one battery charge and will have a top speed of 160 kmh. Slated to hit the market next year, the vehicle, which the company says will cost $18,000 to $23,000, comes as either a plug-in hybrid or a full-battery electric car, both powered by a next-generation lithium ion battery.

Update: The Lightning GT