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Ladies and Gentleman, we've got him

Well, actually I have him. The HP2E. Was delivered at my dealer today, crated and with a full load of complimentary dust. Appears the bike had been in London, Hellas (Greece) and was almost shipped to Singapore. So I guess the dust is from dusty Greece?

Doesn't matter, below the dust it shines!

Some pics here: My HP2 adventure

Flirting with the devil...

Actually this is something I have been doing since this 'thing' came out. Back in 2005 I was totally impressed with BMW's plans to bring out the extreme HP2 series of bikes. The Enduro, the Megamoto and Sport. When they arrived in the shop I kept on flirting but never did the deed.

At the time my dealer told me 'the Enduro is nothing for you, better take the GS'. And when the '08 R1200GS came out I traded in my R1200S Special and never regretted a single day. But now, as I like the GS concept so much I started to think back to '05 when BMW introduced the awsome the HP2's. Too bad the Enduro is no longer made. In fact, BMW only produced 800 of them (although 1600 and 2000 has also been said) and only 20 officially came to the Netherlands (but there's actually a few more now overhere).

Lucky me I managed to locate the last HP2e on the planet. I'm now trying to get it, fingers crossed... Got it

Holland's #1 BMW dealer does it again: Van Harten Amersfoort

This is not the first time and probably no news to you but I want to say it nevertheless.

Van Harten Amersfoort is again Holland's top BMW motorcycle seller of 2008. They have managed to secure their #1 position as top seller.
BMW A.G. does not want to disclose specific facts about their position and how far the competition is lagging behind.

At any rate, this a a great achievement given the difficult circumstances at the market this year.

I also want to take the opportunity to disclose that Van Harten is working on a secret project. More than that I cannot say at this point in time... new project which you can see develop here: New HP2 racer

Thailand 7th on the Dangerous Countries list

Thailand is no longer a tourist-friendly country.

On November 26, the people of the PAD movement in Thailand decided to hold over 300.000 foreigners hostage by refusing them to leave the country through main-port Bangkok.

I consider this a terrorist act and believe that Thailand is fully entitled to stay on the Dangerous Countries list until democracy has been fully restored and aggressive movements like PAD end all their activities.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Africa, Jamaica, Sudan
Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Liberia, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria,
Zimbabwe, India, Mexico, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Why such a strong statement?
Because my wife and my friends are being held there against their will after their holidays and with them many, many others.

Do not visit Thailand!
Update: They're back. Nevertheless: There are too many instable countries out there. Beware! Travel at your own risk!

Lost Summit congratulates Valentino Rossi

Lost Summit congratulates MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi with winning an interesting and difficult season.
Valentino Rossi

The Island.

The Island.

Lost Summit would vote Obama. What would you do?

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Eleven bottles

Eleven bottles

Ubuntu 8.10

I talked about Ubuntu before. About a year ago I bought a brand new Asus F8P laptop with Vista Home Premium edition (or something like that). I gave me WiFi problems, it gave me Video problems, it gave me sleepless nights. So I wiped the disk and installed Ubuntu 8.04 (the 2008 April release).

After some fooling around, tweaking it, installing the latest drivers and what have you, I can't say anything else than that I'm totally happy with the setup. It's so much more stable than XP that I still run on my server. And so much cleaner than Vista. The only wish I have is better (laptop) battery management...

In short, I'm counting down for the next release of Ubuntu:

Summit ahead

Summit ahead

Hans, Joop, Ronald, Bart and me went on a great 6 day high Alpine tour in the West Austria Alps (Ötztaler Alps). We hiked from hut to hut and did a few summits in the process.

We started the tour from the Taschachhaus hut and from there onwards walked on glaciers pretty much all the time from one to the next hut.

We climbed the Fluchtkogel (3500m), Finailspitse (3516m) and Wildspitze (3774m)

Check out the rest of my gallery here:

Check out Ronald's pictures here:
and here:

And Hans also made a few here:



Climbing Jungfrau and Monch * CANCELLED *

What we feared has happened. The weather in the Alps is still very unstable and there's too much snow fall above 3000m.

We have therefore decided to cancel the tour this year. Maybe 2009 brings better weather. Although with global warming becoming more and more evident I sort of doubt it...

Hobbies, more hobbies...

My Koga XPM-M

This one is actually good for my health and will get me in shape! I have been trashing my hybrid bicycle and thought it was time for a real bike. So I got myself a really nice MTB, handmade by Dutch specialist Koga. Just did my first test run on an old dumpside, Spaarnwoude. Basically our own mountain range near Amsterdam :)

Although this little circuit of about 4kms is not known as technical it sure is hard enough for me. I did 2 laps and was completely knackered!

Check out the gallery:

Rock climbing week in Kandersteg, Switzerland

Freak's hobby

The six of us went for a week of rock climbing in Kandersteg. Well, Ton and Niek went walking really. Jolijn, Michael, Bart and I did one or two easy routes every day until 3 of 4 pm when thunder clouds set in.

The climbs could have been a bit harder to my taste, the most difficult multi pitch had one 5c bit in it (that felt easier, more like 5a). But we had a nice week, good company and great scenery around us!

Bart and I also did a 6a which was also pretty easy.
Check out the pics here: http://www.burlingtonrubyconference.com/?q=image/tid/51

Vosges off-road solo July '08

Vosges jungle

This must be one of my best trips ever. 600kms from Amsterdam...

As I couldn't find anybody to join me I went solo. The Vosges has many unpaved and sometimes rough roads that criss-cross the landscape bringing you to places only foresters see.

On my trip I've seen deer, foxes, martens, eagles and zero people. That introduces a risk as well, if you fall off and break something you're not going to be found soon. There's little or no cellphone reception...

I did 1450 kms in 3 days, 600 km in and 600 out. The second day only off-road, I estimate in total about 250kms. This doesn't seem like a whole lot but riding on gravel, small stones and mud, up and down the mountains is really exhausting!

Check out the rest of the gallery: http://www.burlingtonrubyconference.com/?q=image/tid/46

Start of the 'Tour de Flevoland'

Start of the 'Tour de  Flevoland'

Nice trip with a good 60% of road tracks. Too bad the trip was prematurely ended as the rear wheel of Jilles (Reprobate) came loose. Always check your dealer's work (fitted new knobbies last week).

The future of cars (and motorcycles)

Everybody knows that we're gonna run out of oil sooner than later. With oil prices skyrocketing electric seems to way to go. With cars like the one below I believe things may turn for the better after all! By the end of this year, entrepreneur Steve Fambro plans to begin selling the Aptera. That means "wingless flight" in Greek, but don't think this car won't fly. It's a sleek two-seat, three-wheel electric vehicle with a top speed of 95 miles an hour. It comes in two versions - all-electric and hybrid - and should sell for around $30,000. (Only the electric is due in '08; the hybrid doesn't have a street date yet.) Made of a Space Age composite material, the hybrid gets 300 miles per gallon, while the electric can travel 120 miles or 193 kilometers on a two- to four-hour charge.
This article continues...

Crossing the hall

Crossing the hall

So I'm taking blurry pics with my new phone, that's art dude, art!


Recently I started to capture all sorts of reflections and movements. See if you like it. At any rate I'll evolve this skill as I continue to shoot (with my SE W890i). Note that these are all 320x240 clips, don't look at them full screen! Note: they're in .3gp mpeg format so you need an appropriate player under windows. Linux desktops usually play them out of the box. Reflections Sun Wind Shadows Colors
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